Kiara, artist and illustrator

I began my artist's career at 9 years old and took painting lessons until I became 18.

I studied artistic advices of my Art teacher Cheitel.

Then I studied Art in School of Fine Art, University of Fine Arts, Arts and Crafts patents.

I began my professional life as muralist artist in the town Hall of Nice (South of France).

Then, I moved to Canada in 2009, and I discovered a wonderful artistic life.

I worked for many decorators in Montréal (décorations for theatre, TV, muséums…)

I exhibited my personal artworks in several Canadian cities ( Quebec and Ontario) and American cities (New York, Philadelphie).

Back in France in 2015, I started my own business.


I looooooove to travel, and I have drawn for many years travelbooks for myself (Canada, Cuba, China, Mexico, USA, India).

I started to draw during weddings when my brother got married, in 2014.

Since then, I specialize in live painting during private or professional events.


I always kept doing my personal artworks, with my creations mixing painting and fashion design! I call its my "Haute Couture paintings"!