What's a wedding book?!

Keep your wedding day emotions with an original memory!

Wedding book with 20 drawings

It's a unique memorabilia you will keep forever of this unforgettable day.

A portfolio of original artworks to illustrate your wonderful moment...

I propose to draw the most magical scenes of this special day, and to assemble them in a collection with the colors of your wedding.


I offer to you 3 possibilities to have YOUR personalized wedding album :

1.Drawing in action during the wedding

Do you want an artist in residence at your wedding?!

I'm here the Day D with my pencils and my watercolors, and I'm drawing in action during the wedding! I really capture the flavour of your day.

Your family, your wedding witness, your friends, the ceremony, the place you chose, the best moments of this special event, everything will be in my drawings!


When I'm on the spot, it's like an original wedding entertainement for your guests.

They will love watching me, as I am drawing and see themselves on my sketches!!

2. Drawings from pictures

I can't be with you the D-day? No problem! You will have your wedding book! :-)

I will realise your wedding album from your photographs. We will choose together the most representative photos of your Day and I will make YOUR book.  


The wedding is a remarkable time of your life, keep a nonesuch memory of this moment...

3. Drawings from pictures after the wedding ( which took place several years before)

Are you looking for an original gift for your wedding anniversary?

Don't search anymore, you've found it!

What more unique and personnal than a watercolor of your wedding?! ;-)


Don't wait any longer, try to find in your computer (or in your drawers!), and give me your favorite pictures... I will transform them in artwork!

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