How it works?!

Drawing in action

D-7:  One week before the wedding party, the bride and groom send me pictures of their family and friends to allow me to recognize your guests!


Day D:  from the beginning of the day (hairdressing and make up of the bride), to the ceremony, and until the meal, I draw and paint the best wedding moments. Touching, funny or symbolic moments, everything will be in your wedding book!



After the wedding:  I will finish the drawings in my workshop, make the cover page with calligraphy, and realize the binding and custom cover (with the color of your wedding).

Drawing from pictures

We will meet after the wedding. Together we will choose the most representative photos of the Day. We will select the most important people you would love to have in your wedding album. 

Pictures have to be clear and of good quality. 


For a wedding anniversary, maybe you only have pictures on paper. You just have to scan your picture in JPEG and send me by e-mail at: