Original entertainment for wedding: a live event painter

An original idea for your D-Day: a live wedding painter!

Live painting during wedding

An entertainment really original: an artist who paints live your wedding!


I'm present on the wedding venue all the day for a live painting. I can paint one (or several) important moment(s) of your wedding day (the ceremony, the first dance…)


I love to capture the beauty of your special day wih my brushes and my watercolors.


You and your guests will love to watch the painting evolve throughout the reception !


And after the wedding, you will have a timeless piece of art, that will be hanging in your home forever...

The wedding book

Album with 20 original watercolors


Day D:  from the beginning of the day (hairdressing and make up of the bride), to the ceremony, and until the meal, I draw and paint the best wedding moments. Touching, funny or symbolic moments, everything will be in your wedding book!


After the wedding:  I will finish my paintings in my workshop, make the cover page with calligraphy, and realize the binding and custom cover (with the color of your wedding).

In this precious book, I will translate my personal vision of your wedding with my watercolors...


The collaborative painting


Here is an example of collaborative painting, during a wedding with 120 guests.


The topic was about Japan, the honeymoon place.



A collaborative painting is really an original entertainment for your guests !


The day of the wedding, the both families don't necessarily know each other.


This entertainment allow to your families and friends to getting acquainted through a playful activity. They could add colors to the painting all the day long ; and the artwork will appear gradually...


At the end of the day, the bride and groom will keep an unique piece of Art, painted by their family and their friends...





The wedding is an exceptional moment, keep a unique souvenir of these magical instants ...